A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Starry-eyed Yukino leaves everything behind to pursue her dream -- become the next big comic artist! 

Her dreams shatter when she faces the truth behind the industry. In the face of endless competition and harsh living conditions, she discovers she's not the only young artist with dreams and aspirations out there. 

She decides to return home to Bloomfalls, a small and modest village. But in returning, she instead finds a different kind of adventure. 

One in the form of three handsome men and one very nosy best friend.


  • A lovely protagonist who can be either sweet or spicy, depending on what choices you make
  • Fully voiced common route + voiced special scenes in individual routes
  • ~ 52.000 words worth of content
  • Three routes with two endings each: one romantic route + one dramatic route
  • Bonus after ending drabbles + art for each completed route






Writer & Director:



Ma-rina#1078 [Discord]


Knowledgedomain#1026 [Discord]

Sprite/ Title Image/ CCG Artist:


After Ending Fic Art & Character Profile Layout Artist:


Promo Artist:


GUI/ Logo Artist & Audio Engineer:


Background Artists:

KittieMitties, FITTSYtheSNAIL, Viridianns_

FriggenWhat, poundcakecrm, strawberr_i



Video Editor:

DaltonETDG, Jackyccino

Main Cast Voice Actors:

Tabetha McNeal (Layla), Psalm Morant (Isaac), 

Matthew Dembo (Elijah), Stephane Francois (Batuhan), 

Joanna Y. | retsuchu (Batuhan Junior)

Side Cast Voice Actor(s):

Kjaro (Henry), Joan (Esther), Echo (Host A), Psalm Morant (Host B)

☆ How to install ☆

Right-click on the file that's labeled for your computer's operating system, unzip, and click the icon labeled Shooting Star to start the game!

If you're on MacOS, you may get a warning that reads: "'Shooting Star' cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified." When this happens, you can allow the app to run in the General tab of your Security & Privacy settings. 


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, LGBTQIA, Otome, otome-jam, Romance, Voice Acting


ShootingStar-1.1-pc.zip 136 MB
ShootingStar-1.1-mac.zip 100 MB

Development log


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Hello! Could you please mark the downloads with the platforms they're for? (The checkmarks next to "Executable" on the file section of the Edit project page) I can only download games via the itch app for weird technical reasons, but the app won't download it because it doesn't recognize "ShootingStar-1.1-pc" as being Windows-compatible.

Hello, thank you so much for making me aware of this! I have just edited it and hope it's more easy to comprehend now! Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you and thank you for showing an interest in Shooting Star, we hope you enjoy it!

The story resonated with me a lot - trying to make it big out in the world of artists, failing, returning home and feeling like a manque existence.

But it's also about finding solace in the memories, familiarity, the people connected to the place you grew up in and ultimately, drawing new courage from it.

This game definitely brought me a lot of comfort and even reassured me in some aspects. <3

That makes us very happy to hear! Thank you so much for playing Shooting Star 💛 

The script definitely has themes and topics in it that I myself experience and struggle with as a writer as well, so I’m relieved I was able to bring these conflicting emotions across properly.

Take care of yourself and thank you once again!

Was in peach's stream when this game caused the collective mental collapse of the people watching. It's relatable in a way that cuts through the bullshit and hits at things that are universally human.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

It's a beautiful game, can't wait to play the full version!

Hello Mary! I remember you, you were hilarious! Thank you so much for your warm words, we're super excited to hear your thoughts once you play it for yourself! Hope you enjoy!!!

Just finished playing Batu's route! To say I loved it would be a understatement 😭💗. I enjoyed everything - from the little quips in writing, to the voice acting, and the CGs. It all came together really, really well! Can't wait to play the other routes next! I honestly can't choose between Isaac's or Elijah's first 😅

This is so sweet! Thank you so much! There’s a lot of love in this game and we’re so happy it touched your heart ❤️

(Toss a coin!!!!!!!)


A wonderful game and story! I absolutely fell in love with Batu 😍

Thank you so much!!! Batuhan is a ray of sunshine, so I'm really happy to hear your feelings toward him<3

Hi! I'm having issues downloading the game through the itch.io desktop app. Should I try the website instead?

Hey there!

I'm not sure if it could be because of the desktop app as I usually always download the game through the website... can you try it out and let me know if it worked in the end?

It worked from the website!

Yay! That’s a relief! We hope you have fun playing!


OMG ISAAC 😳❤️❤️ He got the looks, he got that sexy voice and he got the smooth moves 😫 a man just perfect for me 🥺 Not gonna lie but I felt that funny jiggle in my stomach when he called me love 😭😭 BE REAL ISAAC I WANT YOU!!!

Seriously. His route was great!! I love the balance between his teases and his true feelings. The way he was always trying to push away the serious talk and MC bringing him back and showing him care was so good 🥺❤️

The voice acting is amazing! You guys did a great job on it 🥰 the characters are great and Layla is so fun and caring omg i love them 😚❤️ 

Let me also scream about how cute that ending CG is!!! I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it's so perfect!!!

Congratulations on the release! You guys did an awesome job 🥰❤️ 


Why can 2D hotties never become real... sigh

Psalm did such a marvelous job voicing Isaac that I too had to fan my red face when I played his route fsjdnfjsk

Thank you so much for your super sweet words! We're very grateful you gave our game a shot and even happier that you enjoyed it! Sending hugs and love your way!!!


ADORABLE! AS! HELL! This game was so much fun to play and I highly recommend it to everyone. ELIJAH SUPREMACY!!!!!



Awesome game! We played the Batuhan route and really enjoyed it. One of the team members is an alumni of our RenPy summer class - we played through the game in our advanced class today. Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing your class project on here one day!

Thank you so much! we're over the moon you guys enjoyed it! Good luck with your class!


WOW! What can I say? Shooting Stars is such a beautifully crafted visual novel. From the crew, the cast, the art, the music, the writing, and more. Every character reminds you of someone you actually know and love and really brings in that cozy feeling as soon as it starts. 

Summer is here and but I found myself wanting a nice blanket and a cozy fireplace playing with all the characters! The world of Shooting Stars gives you the freedom to love who you want to love, be free, and most importantly find what makes you happy. 

Everyone is a Shooting Star...even me! Ugh. I loved playing this game so much, the voice acting was AMAZING! Everyone had such great chemistry with each other that every moment felt so lived-in already. I can't wait to see more of this amazing game! 


Thank you so much, Tabetha! It was an honor and a joy to have you voice Layla and I am so so so happy you enjoyed playing Shooting Star! Your kind words mean the world to me <3